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Top 12 motovloggers to watch in 2015

What is motovlogging? Well, to put it simply it's when you strap a camera to yourself or your motorcycle and you film your ride. Motovlogging is becoming really popular on youtube, and there are a few riders out there that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. For some it is even a full time job.

I think motovlogs are great because it gives you a peak into the motorcycle community. Plus, you can live vicariously through some of these riders by watching their videos. Some of them aren't the safest riders out there, but everyone on this list is very entertaining.

Here is my list for the top 12 motovloggers to watch in 2015. In no particular order: 


The classic extrovert on a motorcycle. Walterrific rides around and creates his own adventures. He doesn't find adventures, he CREATES them! 

I frequently find myself laughing out loud during his videos. They are quick cuts and always interesting. He rides a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R in his current videos, but like most motovloggers that is subject to change. In fact in his previous seasons he filmed himself riding a Ninja 650r and a Ninja 250r.


"Do it with dan. Do it with dan. DO IT WITH DAN!?! Do it with dan?" The award for the best intro has to go to DoItWithDan. It makes me smile every time, especially in his latest videos where the police officer says it as a question.

Another one of those motovloggers that uses a motorcycle as his medium to create adventures. Very opinionated, good hearted, and a bit of a hooligan.  He has a wide variety of videos on his channel, from his 'cooking with dan' short lived series, to fan mail, and car videos. 


An adorable girl (she would probably hate me saying that) from New Zealand. She rides a classic 2002 Suzuki GSX 250 which is currently painted a flat green color. She has a spunky personality and for some reason I can't get enough of her videos. Although I’m a sucker for accents.

She also 'flogs', or Face Vlogs which is a bit unique in the motovlogging genera. One of the few girl riders out there and very entertaining to boot. Give her a look! 


Want to see some horrible drivers with amusing commentary? Then Snowcatxx87 is your man. This guy is ballsy and has an axe to grind when it comes to traffic violations. There is even a video where he pulls over a cop for driving incorrectly! 

While I don’t recommend you be as aggressive as he is when it comes to traffic vigilante justice, it is fun to live vicariously through his videos. He actually does things that I only think in my mind! 


You like wheelies? You like super motos? You like watching someone be a hooligan? Then you will definitely like JTGS. 

A motovlogger from the south, whenever I watch his videos I can’t help but want to run out and buy a WR450SM. One of my favorite motovloggers by far.


I really like the motorcycle reviews that ARidersLife does. They are simple, informative, and talk about stuff that real riders are interested in. Plus he also reviews smaller displacement motorcycles.

Beyond reviews, his channel is also a snapshot of his life. From learning to wheelie on a bicycle to offroad riding and street riding. Definitely a motovlogger to watch! 

Royal Jordanian

One of the most popular motovloggers out there. His unique style of staying relatively silent during his commute and just filming the various shenanigans that happen around him is very entertaining. Watching his commute in London and what he deals with when it comes to pedestrians makes me glad the population where I live is much lower! Some of those pedestrians are idiots and do unsafe things. 

He recently got a BMW motorcycle in addition to his Husqavarna Nuda 900. Both of those bike’s sound absolutely amazing, although I have to say I am partial to the Nuda’s V-twin rumble. 

He’s also incredibly friendly. One of my favorite videos is when he gets off his motorcycle to help an old man that had fallen. 


Ham rides an SV650 and is another motovlogger from down under. His videos are low key, relaxing, and he has a good sense of humor. I could really picture myself getting to know Ham in real life. He seems like the type of guy you could have a beer with.

His channel features motorcycle reviews, group rides, and a few crashes. 


LeadPin has a very unique voice and motovlogging style. I kind of imagine he is what The Joker from Batman would be like if he was a motorcycle rider from Australia. Silly, a little bit crazy, and a whole lot of fun.

He also shares a lot of his life, even some really personal stuff. The videos where he talks about his relationships are my favorite. He keeps it real and he definitely wears his heart on his sleeve. 


Oh Tom, what a gentleman! One of the motovloggers that goes off road and on longer adventure rides. He is no stranger to the city though, and has an absolutely gorgeous BMW motorcycle that he rides when he isn’t traveling across the Australian desert.


Chase (not his real name!) is one of the motovloggers that gets major points for creating tons of content consistently. He is releasing multiple videos per week and really treats his channel like a business. Part of that is because YouTube is now his full time gig.

Chase recently started doing motorcycle reviews. I don’t care too much for his reviewing style, but they are still pretty entertaining.

He also has a super cute girlfriend who runs a channel at Mrs.C2W. She is just learning to ride a motorcycle and has a great sense of humor. Both of them are really fun to watch!


My own MotoVlogging attempts. I don’t post videos too often, but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least add myself to this list! You think I might be biased? 

Are there some motovloggers you like watching? Post the links below and I may add them to the 2016 round of motovlog awards!


​My brother also motovlogs in Boise. In fact, a lot of the time I'm borrowing his Triumph Speed Triple to do my motovlogs! Give him a look if you want to see some fun motovlogs paired with orchestral music. 


Aikem gill's picture

Submitted by Aikem gill (not verified) on

Can you add in 6foot4honda??? He is a pretty sick motovlogger also....

Bullet's picture

Submitted by Bullet (not verified) on

I think so as well, one of the top out there!!

Yes 6foot4hond is gereat 's picture

Submitted by Yes 6foot4hond ... (not verified) on

6foot4honda is beast 

Anonymous Rider's picture

Submitted by Anonymous Rider (not verified) on

King of DickAround;

I agree with most of you selectiona, however. I like 6foot4Honda and Mrs. 6foot. The pair are funny and entertaining living in Canada. I like his style. I am a minor Motovlogger and have my pet peeves. Thanks 6F4

Kylee's picture

Submitted by Kylee (not verified) on

I agree 6foot4honda is definitely in the top 5.

Gordy's picture

Submitted by Gordy (not verified) on

To right with your comment about tankgrrrl.She is an absolute honey.

LetsRideChicago's picture

Submitted by LetsRideChicago (not verified) on

This is a shameless self promotion of ME !!

Let's Ride Chicago is just a beginner motovlogger but he has fun doing it.  Sometimes we see the city, sometimes random things.  The point is that there is no point.  Now let's ride!

Patrick's picture

Submitted by Patrick (not verified) on

Just look at her Channel Trailer, and you know this new female vlogger has her own unique style of vlogging. Worth watching!

Her Channel is

Ganesh's picture

Submitted by Ganesh (not verified) on

If you like ARider'sLife reviews...

Check out CagerOnTwoWheel's reviews. Hilarous on big bikes, informative on the smaller ones. He reviews down to 125s, and up to a big fat harley (for which he travelled to AbuDhabi!)

yo's picture

Submitted by yo (not verified) on

twowheeled misfit is good to

@smokie55's picture

Submitted by @smokie55 (not verified) on

What's his channel

Jordan's picture

Submitted by Jordan (not verified) on

Where is 6Foot4Honda?

Anonymous Rider's picture

Submitted by Anonymous Rider (not verified) on

We're is 6foot4honda he should me the #1

Philip's picture

Submitted by Philip (not verified) on

I believe bakerxdereck should be on this list. He's hilarious

Anonymous Rider's picture

Submitted by Anonymous Rider (not verified) on

He does to 


schizogorilla's picture

Submitted by schizogorilla (not verified) on

 BakerXderek Needs to be on the list. Cheeeeaa!


Mike 's picture

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on

Number 1 should be Baron Von Grumble

Number 3 or 4 should be 6Foot4

Anonymous Rider's picture

Submitted by Anonymous Rider (not verified) on

Munkeh's Motors is very good and well worth a watch!

Suburban Delinquent's picture

Submitted by Suburban Delinquent (not verified) on

I cant believe you left out Shadetree Surgeon!

Omar 's picture

Submitted by Omar (not verified) on

cant believe you don't have cyclecruza on here. He's awesome!! Kind of gives life lessons as he rides. 

Kawacon87's picture

Submitted by Kawacon87 (not verified) on

Hunter Honda and Motonosity!!

MoutainMan's picture

Submitted by MoutainMan (not verified) on

Where's Downshift83?? you need to do this list again and add a few more people :p

vegasrider76's picture

Submitted by vegasrider76 (not verified) on

not exactly a moto vlogger but jamie robinson's videos (motogeo) are pretty amazing

Romeet Singh's picture

Submitted by Romeet Singh (not verified) on

hey guys check my channel out. I just started out motovlogging in India 

Romeet's EYE:


Insta : romeeet

twitter : ron6879

Any comments, suggestions, improvement ideas welcomed. 


Daytona Days's picture

Submitted by Daytona Days (not verified) on

Well might as well plug my own channel


I can't believe the Baron,  Suburban Delinquent & BakerXDerek aren't on this list...

Alex's picture

Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

Aussie Motovloggers are on the rise. Good to see some make your list, I love watching ridingwithtom. But I agree 6foothonda needs to be on this list for sure. His vlogs is what got me into watching motovlogs. My other fav Aussie ones to watch are flankyandthemachine and jthomas1310  which is a newer Aussie one I've found to watch which seems to be getting more popular.

iwgbtp's picture

Submitted by iwgbtp (not verified) on

don't forget the highly informative, helpful and entertaining CycleCruza.

CAVA's picture

Submitted by CAVA (not verified) on


Graham Jones's picture

Submitted by Graham Jones (not verified) on

You have to have "The Missenden Flyer" in that list - he's a very friendly guy and rides all types of bikes from off-road machines to sports bikes - a great watch with no swearing (for people with brains!!)


Submitted by FRANKIEMOTO (not verified) on


ThoseBros's picture

Submitted by ThoseBros (not verified) on


Dual Vloggers, UK based, We have an Indian Motovlog series.

Dangerous driving.

Cranky Franky's picture

Submitted by Cranky Franky (not verified) on

I'm pretty sure Cranky Franky should be on next year's list...just saying!!

danny's picture

Submitted by danny (not verified) on

I think you should add motonosity And m13

Nuno's picture

Submitted by Nuno (not verified) on

Has great info on his channel.

Anon's picture

Submitted by Anon (not verified) on

TheLastCycle -

​Very new motorcycle vlogger in the Phila area.  Check it out!

Sumant Meena's picture

Submitted by Sumant Meena (not verified) on

This kid is 16 year old and owns a Red Racing machine , He is jsut starting off in the world off moto-vlogging ....... Check him out ....... you will surely love him :

CMAC's picture

Submitted by CMAC (not verified) on

Wheel Stories's picture

Submitted by Wheel Stories (not verified) on

I am a motorcycle enthusiast and VLogger from Boise, Idaho. Check out my youtube channel for motorcycle vlogs based on rides in Idaho and nearby states. Youtube channel is called Wheel Stories. Here is the link:

MasterSplinter's picture

Submitted by MasterSplinter (not verified) on

Should have included CycleCruza in the list. Funny and to the point.If he captions a video, you can bet your salary that the video is going to be EXACTLY about that. Can't believe you left that guy out !!

Rocketman's picture

Submitted by Rocketman (not verified) on

12 just isn't enough - perhaps a 'Top 25' might be more in order?

AzniX's picture

Submitted by AzniX (not verified) on

Hey. I know this is an old article but still I would love to add my own channel in comments here. I am just begining motovloging. I come from Latvia, and to be honest I don't know of any motovlogers here or even remotely close to me, so I decided to bring some north/east european motovlogs to world!

Anonymous Rider's picture

Submitted by Anonymous Rider (not verified) on

JoeGo101 and 6Foot4Honda

Dan's picture

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

You should also add fooligan, a hilarious grom motovlogger and the main blogger of the ogs or the omaha grom squad

Nathanial bowes's picture

Submitted by Nathanial bowes (not verified) on

Urban delinquent is amazing check him out also arson rides

Pauras's picture

Submitted by Pauras (not verified) on

MumbikerNikhil, Gaurav Prabhu, Theheartbrokenbiker, Vikas rachamalla, oggyf.

Pauras's picture

Submitted by Pauras (not verified) on

How in the world I forgot to mention 'The Everyday India'. He's one of the best.

Chris Stephens's picture

Submitted by Chris Stephens (not verified) on

Here;s another one I enjoy watching...

Stevie's picture

Submitted by Stevie (not verified) on

You need to check out Rideologist. Just discovered him last night and he has very few subscribers but I don't know why because he is really good at it.

rachelrocks's picture

Submitted by rachelrocks (not verified) on

add Tim Kreitz adventures. #timkreitzmatters

Galiot Bear's picture

Submitted by Galiot Bear (not verified) on

Hey there, for all the German talking guys. #galiotbear is the way to go;)


Notice of stuff's picture

Submitted by Notice of stuff (not verified) on

Add Suburban Delinquent and DoItWithDan and BakerxDerek and 6foot4Honda

Bladerunner971's picture

Submitted by Bladerunner971 (not verified) on

Ive only just started ,, but please subscribe . and i will find myself mentioned on this page oneday 


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