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Kawasaki Z300 Review

Being naked has its advantages. It’s very fashionable to be naked these days, especially when it comes to motorcycles. That’s where the Kawasaki z300 comes in.

Based on the rock solid platform of the Ninja 300, the Z300 adds a few things and takes away a lot more to come up with a motorcycle that appeals to the masses. Right now the Z300 is not currently offered in the USA, but that may change in the near future.

What’s changed

Z300-back.jpgThe biggest difference between the Ninja and the Z are the looks. While the Ninja 300 looks like it would be at home on a race track, the Z300 has a rawness that is best found on city streets and tight canyon corners. 

The Z gives the KTM Duke 390, my pick for the best beginner bike of 2015, a run for it’s money in the beauty department. If you are a bit of a hooligan you might just really like the style of the z300.

The other biggest change is the handlebars that come with the new Z300. They are flat bars which give you more confidence in tight corners and sport a less aggressive riding stance compared to the sport oriented Ninja. Both bikes are very comfortable, but have different personalities. 

What’s the same

Pretty much every other part of the Z300 is nearly the same to the Ninja. They may not be identical twins twins, then they are very much brothers.

Powered by the same 296cc twin engine found in the Ninja 300, it provides more than enough power for freeway jaunts on the Z300 while still being kind to the new rider. That’s because most of the power isn’t generated until you start climbing up above 10,000rpm in the rev range. 

Cruising at 70mph at 8,000 rpm is something this bike will do all day. That will get you to the curvy hill roads or a mini road trip down to the beach. The transmission also makes it easy to find the best gear right when you need it. Easy shifting is the name of the game. 

Which flavor?

You can’t go wrong with the Kawasaki 300 platform. Whether it’s one of the many versions of the Ninja, or the more aggressive feeling z300. The rock solid engine and inner workings will provide you with tons of fun during your commute and on the weekends.

Both are ideal for the new rider, or an experienced rider that wants a bike with much better gas mileage. Hopefully Kawasaki will bring that awesome motorcycle to the US sooner rather than later!


  • Built on the reliable Kawasaki 300 platform
  • Aggressive looking style
  • Flat bars give more control in city streets
  • Not many plastics to break if you drop the bike


  • Not available in the USA
  • I wish the engine was tuned a bit differently to add more torque since the bike looks so different.

Do you own a Z300? How do you like it. Leave a comment below!


Mark uk's picture

Submitted by Mark uk (not verified) on

Have Recently Got A Z300 And I Love It!

Great Looks With A Lovely Candy Green Colour - Superb Engine And Great Mpg Of 80Mpg+

Also Comes With Abs As Standard Which Is Fantastic.

Very Comfortable Riding Position As Im 6ft Tall.

A Truly Excellent Bike.


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